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The time official time this same galaxy and has been a pretty heart in the news lately everything and I mean everything we're going to be talking about. But in this very video is of finial coming from sensing no these two rumors this is everything that happened today and this week brace yourselves because you're about to enter in the future. First of the camera as we know through leaks and rumors that guy you stand in a stem. This would wrong triple cameras on the back now. It's conferred sensing has a visually announced their first triple camera phones. This sensing galaxy is seven yep the seven did after all despite their launching a founded a twenty a team and the beginning of the any anyways it's a triple camera phone began the main twenty-four will sensor.  That was at one point seven apertures that brand new camera since there for the mid-range phone within five to make a be sold depth sensing sensor.

For those beautiful life focus charts and then an old re why date megapixels sensor is also there this is grade and this confirms of sensing is working on a flagship trouble chemists set up. The same thing the galaxy spends and the western plus. There will have the complete camera said because you will see the optical zoom. And why during the lens along with the variable aperture beast in the middle all on one from that has never been done before so test and we'll have that the one? Are you looking for best app for download YouTube videos easily to your phone? download tubemate apk android file to your phone now.


What are the best features?

I'm a land, and then there will be sixteen ancient one compared them with all of the galaxies his seven so everything will be on the next level. Now, this galaxy assignment films isn't mid-range film and is going to cost around four hundred dollars in, and it's coming to India indeed students.  So we'll be able to get my hands on this soon and do all kinds of videos.  But yeah the triple cameras organ from to happen we spent an extent plus system is the confirmation of the four galaxy western models we know from the started sensing is working on three galaxies is stand three freaking.

Just and models and one special baiji very and fort Dix selective mark kids all of this is now can. So you shot out to developers for finding the Pakistan model official code names in the exit file for the official. And droid nine points to buy based experienced endpoints so you I yes sensing and right by no you are lead for the call conversion of the best named plus so soon will I see up to a tough with the galaxies nine exodus version soon waiting for

the tail definitely make a video covering all the new features and everything but from this official experience ten pointer version we are now today.

From galaxy instead is coming in three players with one or premium five g models a total of for the Galaxy system models are coming. So here is what these models specs or we had to beyond the euro robot. This is exams of galaxies and light we're not sure about his name. But it's going to have a feeling and display if flat five pen and screen with the side of mounted being earned brain scanner and a single really camera on the back.


Camera quality and battery life upgraded.

Sensing has a nasty galaxy jews six plus film that come they decide finger breeder for the first time on a standing phone. We have a side think of being readers so it is expended that this beyond the galaxy just on the light model could also have been my display things a brain scanner. And of course, it can have the single room camera or dual not exactly sure about that.  But it's going to be the cheaper model is the most likely compete with the Eiffel and then rd beyond one sensing galaxy extend is this a little bit five point eight inches display and to do.

Little really cameras now we have heard that this model will also be going to have people chemists sensors as opposed to the next year it could have do camera. This because sand and also make the eston plus two and out more compared the other models that beyond us to us to draw the most massive sensing. They come in at six points for display size, and they triple reared cameras on the back. And also double for a facing camera on the friend who is crazies of five cameras will be there on the I stand plus model and then the same beyond doing bottles to come, and in the flavor as well there's going to have identical specs too.

Now and do model but with the bottom capable of supporting five g and this like do more tool to be lost in dual-comm and stuff. This flavors in different markets where the by genes is available, so this league of facial document coming from the official software firms dad for galaxy piston models are and indeed coming now the record doesn't reveal the specification. But this is what we have based on the current groomers and everything, but it is can from that loss of stand for of them are coming now the nice universe has further taken this to the next level on Twitter by posting the actual moral numbers so seventy.

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